Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pretty Hurts - The Digits

I took a few days off of SL for RL stuff but I'm back again.  I had the lovely Flora Raven over to my SL apartment a few days ago and she posed with me for a post on our digits.   We both are involved in the SL fashion world but look very different.  I think Flora is breathtakingly beautiful. And as vain as it sounds, I think I am as well.  And so it got me to thinking...

What is beautiful?  As models, we are told that we have to be a certain height, we are told what a good hip size is, breast size, butt size.  But why is that beautiful?  Can the avie whose height is only 65 be considered for a modeling career?

Why is it that even though I tower over all of my non model friends like a damn amazon, that I'm still considered short for runway at a height of 85?  Where did these standards come from?

I was reading through different SL forums about shapes and saw so many comments from so many different people that don't understand why SL models are so tall. I also saw a lot of comments about the really short girls with crazy huge hips and teeny tiny legs.  If we are happy with the avatar we created in SL, that's all the matters, right?

I think all shapes, all sizes, all curves, or lack of curves are sexy and beautiful.  I think it's time we all embrace a new definition of beauty...a new standard.  Otherwise, the modeling world in SL will soon alienate many of the other residents of SL who don't fit a specific shape.

I am not sure if any of these jumbled thoughts are coming together cohesively or if I sound crazy...but I needed to get these thoughts out....

And as Queen Beyonce says:

Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever's worse.
Perfection is a disease of a nation.
Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever's worse.
We try to fix something but you can't fix what you can't see.
It's the soul that needs the surgery.

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