Sunday, January 18, 2015

Inspired by Androgyny

This past week for the Mr. And Miss Model International runway event, was the "trunk challenge."  Solde Rothmanay of Soul Designs and Cacilia McMasters of CM Obsessed, both generously donated several items of clothing that were placed in two separate trunks.  Some items were placed in Trunk 1 and other items were placed in Trunk 2.  The requirements of this challenge was that each model had to look through the trunks, pick a total of 3 pieces and put them together in a cohesive look, using at least 1 piece from each trunk.

When I received my trunks, I was pleased to see that they didn't give separate trunks to males and females.  We were all presented with the same items.  From the pieces presented to us, I chose to go with all male clothing, and use one of my RL style icons, Tilda Swinton as my inspiration.

From the first trunk, the male item I chose was a smoking Jacket from CM Obsessed.  I paired it with a pair of pants from Soul Designs and a pair of men's dress shoes from the trunks to complete the requirement of 3 pieces.

Style Card
Jacket : Sakura Smoking Jacket - CM Obsessed
Pants: Men's Chino Pants - Soul Designs ( Marketplace Link )
Shirt: Black Tube Top - MichaMi - (Marketplace Link )
Shoes:Men's Lace Up Dress Shoes - CM Obsessed
Hair: Darmody Veganic Hair - Action Hair 
Makeup: Paisley's Wish - Male -  Madrid Solo Cosmetics
Necklace: Pearl Rain Necklace/Onxy - Mandala

I needed a shirt to go under the mesh jacket.  Because it's a menswear jacket, I had to wear the extra small version so that my shoulders didn't look super broad and out of place on my petite frame.  Because of that, any additional mesh items from the trunk would not work underneath the jaket, so I chose a system layer shirt from MichaMi that I had in my inventory.  The way the shirt hung on my chest almost made it seem as if it was a shirt that either a male or female could wear.

I initially was only going to wear a dark cheekbone makeup and black eyeliner, but earlier in the week we were presented with several makeups from Madrid Solo Cosmetics for a photo challenge. There was a men's makeup in their whose colors coincided perfectly with my color scheme, so I chose to wear that instead.

I didn't win the challenge.  That went to a very deserving Vin Cinquetti and Portia Pexington who honestly WERE the clear winners.  But I walked away from the challenge knowing that I asserted my own point of view very clearly and I hope that I left an impression.

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  1. Chill from blog O. Very much left an impression and great job on challenge and blog....hugggs ava.