Saturday, January 18, 2014

9 Aspects : Part 2 What do Witch Kings and Disney have in common?

The 9 Aspects, Finesmith Muse Project Event has been going on for nearly a week now, and will continue until the 20th of January, 2014.  If you haven't gone and taken a look at the designs, I highly suggest you do so before it's too late!  All proceeds are being donated to Samatata: A place of equality -An orphanage in India that is run adminstrated by women.

Please click here for SLurl to get your designs before it's all over!

The two designs I'm blogging today happen to be two of my favorites.

The first is by Celestina's Wedding and is a beautiful and victorious depiction of Woman as a Protector.  The dress is an absolute work of art, from the sculpted trains to the beautiful elegant wings.  It's partially mesh as well and is made to fit your avie like a glove.  It's absolutely brilliant.  I couldn't stop camming around myself.  The zillions of little details are just astounding.

Style Notes:
Dress, jewelry, and wings - Celestina's Wedding
Hair - Dura 51

When I first put the dress on it reminded me of that scene from Disney's Frozen, with the song, "Let it Go." Coincidentally, I also heard the song this morning whilst in SL. The triumphant melody of the song matched the dress so well,  I decided to link you all to it for your listening pleasure.

Don't believe me?  Take a listen!

The Second look was from Pekas Designs and portrays Woman as a Warrior.  When I put this on, I feel like a total badass!  The armor is tough, but has a real air of femininity to it as well.  It's just absolutely amazing!  Seriously.  I felt all "I am woman, hear me roar" in this.  It's sexy.  It's fierce.  It's a real show stopper.

Style Notes:
Full outfit: Pekas Designs (See link at top of page to purchase)
Hair:  Dura

I love female warriors.  I have a special place in my heart for them.  Probably why I love the movie Lord of the Rings.  Women in this movie aren't wimps.  They are warriors who have an irreplaceable role in the full outcome of the story.  They are strong, and they are my heroes!  Below is my all time favorite scene, featuring an example of a woman warrior from The Lord of the Rings; Return of the King.  It's not long.  Why not have little watch?  You know you want to!

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